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Scouting Firm

Domain of Expertise

Tech Scouting and Business Development Consulting

Collaboration with FintTech

Established in 2008, BConsulting is known as a foremost Technology Scouting and Business Consulting firm. Headquartered in Tel-Aviv, with presence worldwide, BConsulting serves global leading corporates and supports them in enhancing their business leadership, by enabling access to technologies and partnerships that match their strategy and future trends.

BConsulting specializes in monitoring emerging technologies worldwide. We provide customized business and technical information and evaluations and allowing our clients to separate the news from the noise.

Our AI based methodology, RADAR™, enables us to identify the future trends in our customers’ industries, and match emerging technologies to these trends.

Over the last decade BConsulting served approximately 300 well known corporates, worldwide, and matched more than 500 solutions to these leading corporates.

Our expertise are in the domains of telecommunications and IT solutions and services. Based on our expertise, experience, know-how, proven methodologies, contacts and constant presence in "the field", we provide our corporate clients a broad up-to-date  knowledge and information, fill or complete their business development needs or gap in capabilities, and enable the creation of  business opportunities, that would not have occurred in any other way!   Our full-service approach is expressed by full involvement in the business development process - from identifying the needs, through searching and scouting for potential solutions, technological, financial and marketing assessments and evaluations, and commercial negotiations until the establishment of business relations and post-agreement relations management.

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