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ABN AMRO develops bookkeeping services for businesses

Publish date: 29 October 2021

ABN AMRO wants to ease the administrative burden for entrepreneurs. We do so through our user friendly banking products and by offering related services. 

Banking and bookkeeping are close cousins

One of our related services is bookkeeping, a close cousin of banking. ABN AMRO offers entrepreneurs a bookkeeping package that is integrated with other ABN AMRO banking applications. But the bank also has something to offer entrepreneurs who already use bookkeeping software from another vendor. With ABN AMRO’s bookkeeping connector, the external bookkeeping program can connect with the client’s banking apps.


ABN AMRO is keen to further develop both these bookkeeping propositions, its own bookkeeping package as well as the connector. An exciting feature in the next release of the bookkeeping connector, for example, is that after an entrepreneur creates a payment order in their own bookkeeping program, the order automatically transfers to the ABN AMRO banking app, where it only needs to be approved. Until now, ABN AMRO was the only major bank in the Netherlands that did not charge extra for the bookkeeping connector. From 1 January, however, clients will pay EUR 3.25 a month for this service, a rate comparable to what competitors charge.