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Artificial intelligence: an important ally for wealth managers during this crisis

Publish date: 07 May 2020
Author: OneWealthPlace

Yann Charraire, Managing Director of OneWealthPlace, spoke with Efma’s Boris Plantier about how his company’s solutions are helping asset services companies maintain client engagement during the pandemic.

Could you present OneWealthPlace?

OneWealthPlace develops new operating models for private wealth banks and global asset services companies by using technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and blockchain. OneWealthPlace helps asset and wealth managers improve the client experience, client knowledge, client interactions, and distribution agreements with the use of digital front-office tools. The team gathers wealth and asset management, private banking, and financial software experts who analyze the challenges and difficulties of advisors and clients to offer the best solution and help them in their digital transformation.

How is OneWealthPlace helping companies and customers during the Covid19 crisis?

This unprecedented crisis is prompting the players in wealth and asset management to rethink their operating model and turn to digital solutions to optimize their working time and productivity without losing the link with their customers while continuing to offer quality service.

For two years we have been working to apply the best uses of digital technology to customer relations in wealth management. Our solutions are therefore adapted to deal with complex situations and help advisors in their daily lives.

Digital interaction is a first response to stay in touch with your customer, know their needs, their expectations, and detect their browsing behavior using artificial intelligence. This technology helps improve customer experience and knowledge while offering personalized content based on profiles and interests. Artificial intelligence is no longer taboo for wealth management, it is a major ally during this period.

This context should allow us to reinvent the customer experience, the digitization of client onboarding becomes a must-have to continue to transmit and process documents while ensuring security and confidentiality to the client when the physical appointment is no longer possible.

We are also convinced that the mobile app is a relevant, reliable and secure channel of interaction to develop a relationship of trust and all the more during this time of crisis. The client needs to be reassured, to be alerted in real life on his financial and wealth situation and the mobile application allows them to interact quickly with their advisor.

With “AirWealth”, the augmented client portal and CRM dedicated to wealth management, you can stay in touch and reinforce client’s engagement during the Covid-19 crisis.

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