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Bank + fintech love story: Badesco and Cuponeria

Publish date: 21 February 2019
Author: Banco Bradesco

Thiago Brandao, the CEO at Cuponeria and Guilherme Hose Salum e Morais, the manager of Digital Channels at Banco Bradesco, spoke to Efma’s Boris Plantier about the story of their successful relationship.

How did the two of you meet?

Morais: It all happened during the summer of 2016 at inovabra’s startup program. We were searching for a reliable partner that had good intentions and shared the same goals as us.

Brandao: A mutual friend of ours had heard about inovabra and said that we had a lot in common. He encouraged us to meet, so we started to investigate the best way to get the bank's attention.

Could you tell us about your first date?

Morais: We were both nervous. At first, we didn’t seem to have anything in common. Coupons? What for? That was strange. After we had been talking for a while, we realized that it could be the beginning of a very interesting relationship – one that could create new digital experiences for our customers.

Brandao: For us it was like love at first sight. We were so young! We had only just returned from the Google acceleration program in Silicon Valley. Although we were very different, we had many interests and life goals in common. Bradesco was focused on offering personalized and innovative experiences to its clients and we were the first company to bring coupon culture to the Brazilian market. We complimented each other perfectly!

What made you realize that you were perfectly matched?

Morais: Our relationship really clicked into place once it became clear that we could use coupons to accelerate the digital engagement curve.

Brandao: Our interests and goals matched perfectly.

What is the fruit of your relationship?

Morais: A strategic partnership that brings benefits to customers and accelerates digital engagement.

Brandao: Happy customers and key performance indicators met.

What makes your relationship work?

Morais: Our relationship adds value to both of us as we constantly receive positive customer feedback.

Brandao: We are both involved in making it work. One is always around when the other needs it. We are both happy, especially achieving our mutual goals and dreams.

What are your plans for the future?

Morais: We plan on growing our relationship, expanding the partnership to the other departments of the bank.

Brandao: We did something disruptive and the goal is to do even more. It's just the beginning of a beautiful story.

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