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Canadian insurtech Apollo enters US market with Gallagher and Beazley UK

Publish date: 10 September 2019
Author: Apollo Insurance Solutions

Apollo Insurance Solutions (“Apollo Exchange”), Canada’s largest insurance marketplace, has entered the American market with a liability insurance product tailored for educators in California. The product allows consultants, instructors, and therapists to purchase their mandatory liability coverage that school district requires online and in real time, in line with modern buyers’ expectations.

“This is a global supply chain: insurance capacity from Lloyd’s of London syndicate Beazley UK, distributed by US-based brokerage Arthur J. Gallagher, and powered by Canadian insurtech Apollo,” said Apollo CEO Jeff McCann. “This is an exciting moment for the Apollo team, and a giant leap forward for the insurance industry.”

Thanks to a partnership with Jigsaw — a subsidiary brand of Gallagher — practitioners can now immediately get a quote, purchase the insurance via credit card, and have their policy emailed to them in real time by the Apollo Exchange in under five minutes.

“When one of these providers shows up at a school, they need this coverage,” said McCann. “Rather than waiting for weeks, unable to work while their insurance documents are processed, or not being able to access coverage at all, the Apollo Exchange allows them to buy coverage immediately, on site from their mobile phone if necessary, with policy documents delivered to their email inbox in real time.”

“Credit goes to Tim Jaggs at Jigsaw, who identified the need and worked to develop this custom product, underwritten by Lloyd’s insurer Beazley,” added McCann. Jaggs worked with Gallagher, and together they launched Jigsaw.

Beyond the challenges of creating and underwriting the actual insurance product, it became clear that an online distribution platform would be critical to making this product widely available. As this insurance is mandatory, practitioners will need to acquire it before starting their work with students. 

If a practitioner shows up on site without it, waiting weeks to mail applications back and forth to get their proof of insurance, which is common practice in the current inefficient and fragmented market, is not an option. The Apollo Exchange was brought in to solve this friction point and automate the entire process.

The Apollo Exchange launched in April of 2019, after closing a $1M angel round of funding and several months of beta testing.

The company is led by ​Insurance Broker Magazine’s​ Top 10 Under 40 recipient and former broker, Co-Founder and CEO, Jeff McCann. The Apollo leadership team is made up of award-winning journalist, Co-Founder and Editor in Chief, David Dyck; Co-Founder and CTO, Justin Hamade; industry veteran and COO Victor Lange; and 2018 Young Gun of the Year, Head of Broker Engagement, Margo Lyons. Supported by some of Canada’s top entrepreneurial talent, Apollo’s Board of Directors includes Drew Green, CEO of Indochino; Tim Gamble, Founding Partner at Thunderbird Entertainment; and Steve Albiani of Stratum Advisory Group.