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Capgemini's ScaleUp Qualification program now available on the FinTechVisor portal

Publish date: 17 September 2019
Author: Capgemini

Capgemini's ScaleUp Qualification program, which aims to help fintechs partner with large corporates, can now be accessed via FintechVisor – Efma and Capgemini’s networking and collaborative community.

The ScaleUp Qualification program evaluates the maturity of fintechs to ensure that they are fit to partner with established players in the financial services industry.

The initiative is open to ‘ScaleUps’ – mature fintechs that have raised at least €1 million, have a full-time management team and have sustainable business traction, having generated revenue over €200,000. These fintechs will be evaluated on several pillars: credibility, people, finance, business, and technology.

A 360-degree qualification process will then take place, scoring ScaleUps based on market sentiment, detailed questionnaires, in-depth interviews and a client satisfaction assessment. The final score will determine the level of qualification: promising, emerging, intermediate or advanced.

“Effective collaboration between banks and fintechs is key to the future success of the financial services industry,” says Vincent Bastid, Efma CEO. “Fintechs can benefit from traditional firms’ scale and incumbents can leverage the customer-centric and data-driven mindset of fintechs. The ScaleUp Qualification program aims to help make this collaboration much easier, giving fintechs the credibility they need, while providing financial services firms with the confidence that their chosen partner is mature enough to succeed.”

“At Capgemini we believe in applied innovation between large financial services firms and ScaleUps, rather than only open innovation that creates buzz but no improvement in the customer experience,” says Elias Ghanem, Capgemini’s Fintech Lead for Continental Europe. “The Capgemini ScaleUp Qualification program is our way to enable effective collaboration and expedite go-to-market.”

Eligible fintechs are encouraged to apply to the ScaleUp program. Financial institutions looking to partner with ScaleUps can register on the FinTechVisor portal to access the database of qualified ScaleUps.