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Changing the way home improvement projects are done in France

Publish date: 15 November 2019
Author: EldoTravo

Eldotravo’s co-founder, Jean-Bernard Melet, spoke with Efma’s Boris Plantier about his company’s founding and their future ambitions.

Eldotravo is a French start up that seeks to address the problem of hiring the wrong person or company to renovate your home. Since 2014, the company has been hard at work ensuring that people can find the best professionals or companies to complete renovation projects.

Eldotravo’s co-founder, Jean-Bernard Melet, points to some personal difficulties as the genesis of the company: “My first flat renovation went bad due to a wrong choice of artisan. At the same time, my best friend was burnt out from running his painting business. Together, we thought we could develop a practical solution that would help out a lot of people.”

So, the two friends created Melet says “The website is for two groups of people: people looking to complete home renovations and home improvement professionals. For potential customers, Eldotravo is a BtoC marketplace which is like Tripadvisor for home improvement renovation but without the fake reviews. For home improvement professionals, it is CRM to improve customer experience.”

With an intuitive interface that shows photos of prior work, people can easily find the right professional for the job. The website is a vibrant community of customers and artisans that provide honest and verified reviews so that people can be certain about the person or company they are hiring to work on their home.

While the company doesn’t currently offer insurance, they do work with banks and insurance companies. “We also work directly with banks and insurers to help them recommend the best professionals to their customers,” says Melet.

What’s next for the Toulouse-based company? “We are in the middle of developing a number of new features that will continue to improve the lives of people, professionals, and home improvement brands. The company plans to expand within France with plans for five new offices and hiring 70 people,” says Melet.  

While they are only in France for the moment, according to Melet, if the company succeeds then “home improvement will never be the same at a global level.”

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