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eSignature capabilities are more important than ever

Publish date: 09 April 2020
Author: Namirial

In a world now requiring digital and remote solutions, Namirial is answering the call. As part of our 'FinTechs fight COVID-19' series, Joerg Lenz, the company’s Director of Global Marketing & Communication, spoke with Efma’s Boris Plantier about how the company’s eSignature offering is keeping financial institutions productive.

Could you present Namirial?

Namirial is a global leader in trusted security for Digital Transaction Management with solutions for user electronic identification, multi-factor authentication, digital certificates, electronic signature, electronic invoicing, and digital archiving. The company has been certified for many products and services including as an eIDAS Qualified Trust Service Provider.

The company has supported financial institutions for more than a decade in digitizing and accelerating their onboarding and agreement processes. Insurers rely on Namirial solutions for identification, authentication and non-repudiable proofs of intent. They have been reducing acquisition costs and increasing customer satisfaction with solutions deployed on the cloud or on-premise. With Namirial they simplify their processes without compromising compliance. Other Namirial businesses units include software, services and solutions for cyber defense, telemedicine, building and construction, human resources management and integrated management systems.

Namirial was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Senigallia, Italy. The company operates in 21 locations in five countries employing a total of 440 people. Together with its international network of over 120 partners, Namirial serves more than one million organizations of all sizes, large operating enterprises as well as small and medium businesses. Namirial customers execute more than one billion transactions per year for which more than 500 million electronic signatures are generated annually.

An increasing number of organizations select Namirial as their global e-signature standard, e.g. Allianz and Daimler. These organizations require full support of all omnichannel scenarios with the broadest range of methods for electronic signature creation, catering for any use case, signing scenario and corresponding legal regulation.

As a qualified trust service provider, Namirial can issue qualified electronic certificates for existing insurance customers based on anti-money laundering identification. Certificates are hosted on hardware security modules in Namirial’s trust center and signatures are created remotely. Unlike in the past there is no need to roll out cards and card readers anymore.

In digitizing their processes Namirial customers in financial services have been able to cut down time-to-closure from days to minutes, saving an average of 10 Euro’s per document and significantly enhanced their customer satisfaction ratings.

How can Namirial help to face the COVID-19 crisis?

Technology plays a critical role in reducing the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on people and organizations. It helps people to stay productive, even if they are unable to be physically on site.

As many employees and organizations need to work remotely in response to the spread of COVID-19, Namirial is assisting its existing customers in upscaling services and rapidly addressing more use cases requiring remote identification and signature. Organizations running Namirial solutions stay productive and can continue to do business while physical distancing is required. 

Namirial signature workflow orchestration platform eSignAnyWhere allows sending documents for signature to be signed legally binding anywhere anytime. The signature specialists are supporting Smart Working initiatives emerging across the globe in response to COVID-19.

In order to cater to immediate basic digitization needs Namirial launched a specially tailored free eSignAnyWhere Smart Working Service, containing a broad set of capabilities including sending documents for signature and basic document preparation and some workflow features.

Users of Namirial eSignAnyWhere Smart Working Service can:
- Upload PDF documents from their desktop systems.
- Add fields to enter free text, radio buttons, checkboxes and last, but not least, signatures.
- Enable signers to upload attachments (files which might be required to support a transaction).
- Send signing request to one or more signers sequentially or in parallel, set reminders for signers and receive notifications on signing progress as well an email signed document(s) and audit trail into their inboxes.

Signers are:
- authenticated using their email address and if available their local digital certificates
- enabled to sign in typing their name and electronically pasting their signature as an image into the document - with loopless documentation in the audit trail file of who was signing which version of a document at which point in time
- enabled to delegate signing requests in case they are not entitled to sign a particular document.  

Access for more details on service and registration.

Beyond the Smart Working Service Namirial can enable customers of financial institutions to sign legally binding documents on their smartphone even for processes requiring Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES) by law or where this type of signature is preferred for evidential reasons. Namirial was able to dramatically simplify the usage of this type of signature, known as complicated and expensive in the past.  Namirial signature experts are providing individual in-depth consultation on technical, operational and legal aspects.