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Fintech Friday: Braintri

Publish date: 08 February 2019
Author: Braintri

Braintri was founded to deliver world-class services in mobile applications, payments, and big data, all within the banking industry, said Maciej Stępień, CEO and co-founder of Braintri.

Braintri is a fintech that was created by Maciej Stępień and Wojciech Zatorski. The pair have had their fair share of success stories, having previously set up payment processing company Trevica which was then bought by Mastercard in 2012 and rebranded as Mastercard Payment Transaction Services.

“We came up with the idea of founding Braintri in 2013, when we were working with the leading Polish banks on creating the national mobile payments standard BLIK,” said Stępień. “We thought: Hey, we are experts in the hottest topics in banking: mobile apps, payments, and big data. Why not launch a company that delivers world-class services in these areas?”

Over the next six years the pair built Braintri, with the aim of creating something that could deliver enterprise-class solutions for the biggest players in the financial industry.

“And if you think I am just bragging, take a look at the awards earned by our clients for the solutions developed by us,” said Stępień. ‘Best in Show’ for Finovate. World’s No 1 Mobile Banking App. SAP Global Innovation Award. Citi Mobile Challenge Award. And of course, Efma’s Distribution & Marketing Innovation Award for ‘From IKO to BLIK Project’.”

Jiffee is one of Braintri’s latest innovations, a white-label mobile payments platform which uses Bluetooth and tokenization. The main advantage for the customer is Jiffee’s technological neutrality, it works on all mobile devices, regardless of their model or operating system.

Jiffee also provides a cost-efficient way for vendors to accept mobile payments on any device; old POS terminals, cash registers, mobile phones, vending machines, self-checkout kiosks… you name it.

“We believe that Jiffee is a perfect technological solution for any company or organization interested in building a national mobile payments standard that is as successful as BLIK,” he said.

The future is looking even brighter for Braintri, particularly considering the company’s merger with iCompass and its acquisition of new major clients, such as mBank and Benefia.

“2018 was Braintri’s most successful year so far, and I believe that 2019 will be even more impressive,” said Stępień. “We are by far the leading provider of payment, mobile and big data solutions on our home market. Thus, the natural step for the nearest future is strengthening our position abroad.”

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