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Fintech Friday: everyoneINVESTED

Publish date: 17 April 2020
Author: everyoneINVESTED (Everyone Invested)

Jurgen Vandenbroucke, Managing Director at everyoneINVESTED, spoke with Efma’s Boris Plantier about his company’s mission to liberalize investing for the Old Continent.

What led to the creation of everyoneINVESTED?

KBC Asset Management has developed strong competence and solutions with a proven business value among KBC’s retail clients in Belgium, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Ireland, and the Slovak Republic. everyoneINVESTED now brings its services to the European market as a wealth-tech spin-off of KBC.

The team will offer its expertise and tools to help financial services players to have more of their clients invest in their solutions.

Could you present everyoneINVESTED’s offer?

For many banking clients, the main obstacle for investments is the fear of loss. But simply digitizing the banking sales process doesn’t address the client’s concerns. Investing is an emotional process, which explains why digital conversion rates are way below those of a physical branch. The answer is a behavioral investment service that tackles these concerns in a digital customer journey.

everyoneINVESTED combines behavioral insights, sound academic underpinning, and financial expertise. With these investment add-ons, financial institutions increase the recruitment, retention, and rejuvenation of their clients. The service can be implemented as an add-on into existing customer journeys and banking applications, separately or in combination, to form unique tailor-made solutions.

What’s coming next for everyoneINVESTED?

We are galvanized by the promising commercial impact of our solutions so far. In essence: a significant increase of digital conversion of first-time investors in different markets, higher retention of investors especially during current turbulent markets, and finally, a considerable rejuvenation of investor base. We are finalizing more partnerships with financial players to fulfill our mission ultimately: get everyone invested all the time.

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