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Fintech Friday: finker

Publish date: 21 September 2018
Author: Finker

Panos Papavassiliou, founder and managing partner of finker, told Boris Plantier how the startup gives users greater control by enabling them to track all their money in one place.

Finker is a plug and play financial services platform that connects multiple financial products together in one place. “We want to give people the experience of using one app that could leverage all of the companies in the financial space,” says Panos Papavassiliou, founder and managing partner of finker. “They’ll be able to link their bank accounts, credit cards, rewards schemes, savings, investments, insurance, currency exchange services and digital mortgage brokers into one app. By showing users their cash flow trends over time, finker helps people better understand their income and spending patterns across their various accounts and credit cards for making better financial decisions.”

At the same time, finker seeks to limit the personal and financial information that banks and companies share with each other through their cross-banking integration services. “If you use online banking or other financial services online and you do not want to share what you keep in one bank with another then finker is the right choice for you,” says Papavassiliou. “It’s designed to be friendly for everyone, from the financially inexperienced to people who are confident with their money.”

The finker’s app is currently available for iOS and Android in Greece only, but the company has its sights set on future growth. “finker is the first and only bank account aggregator in Greece, a market that we currently use as a test bed prior to making the app available to other countries,” says Papavassiliou. “The initiative is part of wider industry moves towards open banking and was selected for the National Bank of Greece’s ‘be finnovative’ accelerator program. Expect support for a large stack of banks and financial institutions across Europe, combined with advanced personal financial management and retail services.”

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