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Fintech Friday: LeapXpert – equipping employees with the necessary conversation tools

Publish date: 03 July 2020
Author: LeapXpert

Dima Gutzeit, Founder & CEO of LeapXpert, spoke with Efma’s Boris Plantier about his company’s integrated solution that is enabling employees of financial institutions to connect with clients in the messaging apps in the normally use, but with added data security.

What led to the creation of LeapXpert?

Around three years ago we took a deep look at the world of communication, messaging to be exact, and we realized an impending and looming problem. The world was becoming more and more mobile (and still changing), and mobile messaging became an integral part of our lives, but the use of such applications in enterprises of any kind was nowhere to be found. Company employees were using their personal messengers for work-related communications and companies were turning a blind eye toward that behavior. The reason for that is simple, clients are dictating the tools they want to use, and employees have no choice but to tag along, since employees want the business. 

Many regulated companies were (and still are) simply forbidding the use of messengers but in reality, many company employees were still using those tools, and that is precisely the gap we set out to bridge: to find a way to allow clients to keep using messengers they love, while still remaining compliant and owning the data of the conversations.

Could you present LeapXpert's offer?

LeapXpert's Federated Messaging Orchestration Platform (FMOP) is a highly integrated solution, one that sits inside an enterprise (be it on the cloud or on-premises). With our platform we are finally allowing companies to start messaging their clients over any messenger of their choice (WhatsApp/WeChat/LINE/Telegram/others) while bringing the use of such messengers to an enterprise-grade level, giving those communication flows all the missing properties such as data ownership, compliance, accountability, visibility and integration with a variety of already existing solutions, including archiving systems, data leakage prevention (DLP) servers, chatbots and many more.

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The way companies are using our platform is very simple. We are providing a set of applications (web, desktop, mobile) for company employees to use to message their clients. Clients on the other hand don't have to change their behavior and can keep using their daily messengers. There is no need to install anything, hence completely removing adoption barriers.

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Enterprises who have already adopted the use of one of the popular enterprise communication tools, such as Microsoft Teams or Slack, can use our out-of-the-box integrations, so that even company employees are no longer required to install any additional tools and can keep messaging their entire client base with the convenient tools they have already grown accustomed to.

What's coming next for LeapXpert?

On the business side we are continuing to rapidly deliver value to our ever-growing list of customers, spanning different industries, ranging from financial institutions to retail companies. Our partnership network is also growing fast and we are integrating more and more capabilities into our FMOP. 

When it comes to our product, we continue to listen to our customers (almost obsessively) and answering their needs, which means going wider with number of messaging applications we offer (consumer messengers, enterprise communication tools) and also deeper with further variety and sophistication of use cases we enable when it comes to B2C communication.

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