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Fintech Friday: Personetics

Publish date: 31 January 2020
Author: Personetics

Personetics co-founder and CEO David Sosna spoke with Efma’s Boris Plantier about how his company is harnessing the power of AI to transform digital banking at the world’s largest financial institutions.

What led to the creation of Personetics?

I founded Personetics with David Govrin in 2010. We were both serial entrepreneurs who had worked together on multiple successful companies over the past 20 years. We had accumulated years of experience in financial services and enterprise software solutions but took notice of the lack of interaction and personalization within the banking industry. Together, we created a financial AI banking-brain that is transforming the industry with the goal of guiding and improving the financial journey of each customer. 

Could you present Personetics' offer?

Personetics is the leading provider of customer-facing AI solutions for financial services and the company behind the industry’s first Self-Driving Finance™ platform. Harnessing the power of AI, Personetics’ Self-Driving Finance™ solutions are used by the world’s largest financial institutions to transform digital banking into the center of the customer’s financial life – providing real-time personalized insight and advice, automating financial decisions, and simplifying day-to-day money management.

Serving over 60 million bank customers worldwide, Personetics has the largest direct customer impact of any AI solution provider in banking today. Personetics customers include 6 of the top 12 banks in North America and Europe and other leading banks throughout the world.

By empowering customers to strive towards financial wellness, Personetics helps establish the bank as the go-to financial partner for the customer – lifting engagement levels, increasing share of wallet, and allowing the bank to offer new products and services that cater to a new generation of digital-native customers.

Using Personetics’ Self-Driving Finance solutions, banks have been able to elevate customer engagement (over 20%), increase satisfaction (over 25%), and grow accounts and balances (over 15%) – all while helping customers optimize how they manage their day-to-day finances.

Personetics provides solutions to retail, small business and wealth management customers with varying degrees of guidance in managing their finances, ranging from real-time insights to personalized recommendations and automated money management.

What's coming next for Personetics?

2020 is already shaping up to be a banner year for Personetics, with a number of banking partners launching or expanding Personetics-powered solutions to their customers. With the growing demand for bankers to provide more proactive and automated financial service on behalf of the customers, Personetics will be working on rolling out new financial wellness programs dedicated to helping customers begin saving, investing, paying down debt and more.

Additionally, Personetics will continue developing enhanced banker enablement with new insights and improved CRM integration for bankers to understand a customer’s current situation and next best product to consider.

Personetics will be at Efma’s Bank+Fintech conference in Berlin

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