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Fintech Friday: Scorechain

Publish date: 11 January 2019
Author: Scorechain

Luxembourg-based fintech firm Scorechain provides blockchain analytics for Bitcoin and Ethereum, serving many customers worldwide with anti-money laundering (AML) and compliance tools. Pierre Gérard, CEO and founder of the company, speaks to Boris Plantier about how his business is evolving.

Scorechain was born with the idea to be the missing link between the regulated world of business and the decentralised processes of cryptocurrencies. The adventure started in 2014 with a small team of passionate individuals, all eager to develop many projects focused on blockchain technology.

“As a spin-off of IT consulting firm Neofacto, Scorechain was able to release a few Blockchain-related products for companies and began working on the Scorechain Bitcoin Analytics Platform shortly after,” explains Gérard. “We haven't stopped improving Bitcoin Analytics, and we have launched Scorechain Ethereum Analytics Platform in October 2018.

The Scorechain Bitcoin and Ethereum Analytics platforms are AML solutions for crypto compliance. “Our platforms can track and identify fraudulent addresses or transactions via API or with a very user-friendly user interface (UI) platform, allowing users to manage their customer activities and be alerted when they find suspicious behaviours,” Gérard says. “The UI platforms have a lot of useful features such as reports, alerts, customizable scoring and groups.”  

And this is just the start of things to come for Scorechain. “We are currently focused on a data quality strategy to improve the accuracy of the analysis results,” Gérard says. “In addition, new analytics tools for other cryptocurrencies are also on the roadmap to meet the market's increasing demands. Our team is also growing bigger every year, and we are quite confident regarding the future.”

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