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Fintech Friday: Ziglu – financial empowerment via digital currencies

Publish date: 02 April 2021
Author: Ziglu

Mark Hipperson, Founder & CEO of Ziglu, spoke with Efma about his company’s mission to bring cryptoassets to the masses via one simple, accessible app.

What led to the creation of Ziglu?

I’ve spent a large part of my career either working in banks, or with them. Or founding them, even. Being this close to banks, you get a lot of insight into how they make their money and how they view their customers - particularly on the retail side. It’s no secret that I founded Ziglu to address one of the key inequalities of traditional banking: their treatment of retail customers, who often seemed to be in the service of the banks rather than the other way around.

Challenger banks have done wonders for re-setting benchmarks in customer experience, and largely thanks to them, people now have significantly higher expectations of their banks. But challenger banks haven’t gone far enough - they may have freshened up the traditional banking service offering, but they’ve barely scratched the surface when it comes to making the new era of digital currencies accessible to the mass market. They’ve re-skinned the old, rather than create something truly new for the consumer.

And that’s why I set out to build Ziglu - to offer easy, safe, and affordable access to digital currencies, for everyone, as an integral part of their personal money setup. One app to spend, save, send and exchange traditional and digital currencies, with simplicity and fairness at its heart. Something that goes beyond financial enablement; a platform for financial empowerment.

Could you present Ziglu’s offer?

At Ziglu our mission is one of fairness and financial inclusion. We empower everyone to participate in the world of digital currencies, safely, simply and affordably. It’s money, done differently.

Our mantra is simplicity. Our app and our transparent pricing enable access to a growing range of cryptocurrencies, integrated with a suite of account and payment services. Ziglu’s customers have the freedom to buy, hold and send digital and traditional currencies, where, when and how they want, and a Mastercard debit card to spend with.

We’re headquartered in London and are fully authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority to operate as an Electronic Money Institution - we’re also one of the first three companies in the UK to have achieved FCA registration as a cryptoasset firm.

What’s coming next for Ziglu?

These are exciting times. Digital currencies are moving mainstream, and we’re working hard to help with that shift.

Our roadmap is stacked with initiatives to bring genuine change to the way that the people of Britain are empowered to save, invest and spend: we’re using digital currency sensibilities to sweep away traditional banking propositions. And at the same time, we’re looking at expanding into Europe and beyond.

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