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Interview series: Innovation in financial services - Finding the right mix

Publish date: 13 December 2021

This interview series was conceived by the Efma Future Innovation Community team to speak with those on the inside who are driving innovation agendas at leading financial institutions. 

The role of innovator inside financial institutions is not an easy one. Many factors need to be taken into account, from regulation to internal legacies, competitive forces, new technology developments, and evolving consumer demand. It is a long list. How do they arrive at the right answers? How do they know what to prioritize in a changing landscape? Where is the industry headed in coming years? 

In these interviews, innovation leaders share their views on these important questions. Their experiences are valuable as there is no silver bullet or crystal ball when it comes to innovation. And while everyone must chart their own path, we are not alone. We can leverage learnings and experiences from those around the globe who are working on the same problems. This series will provide the type of insight that community members will no doubt find valuable in their own innovation quest.


Episode 9: Attijariwafa bank
Mohamed Moullouze, Chief Innovation Officer at Attijariwafa bank, describes the ways his bank is a major player in the innovation game, not just watching from the stands. 

Episode 8: Banco Pichincha
Guillermo Poveda, Head of Corporate Innovation at Grupo Pichincha, discusses how they have cultivated strong innovation processes and cross-department collaboration to grow their new services.  

Episode 7: Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation
Mr. Lito Villanueva is the Executive Vice President and Chief Innovation and Inclusion Officer at RCBC describes his simple formula that leads to transformational thinking.  

Episode 6: Mauritius Commercial Bank
Vishal Ramphul, Innovation Management Lead at Mauritius Commercial Bank, speaks about the principal role the bank’s culture plays throughout its innovation processes.

Episode 5: Akbank
Selim Yüksel, Vice President of Innovation Center at Akbank, talks about how collaboration with fintechs is important for success in innovation. 

Episode 4: PKO Bank
Grzegorz Pawlicki is the Head of Innovation at PKO Bank in Poland. We discussed the incredible work underway at his institution in this exclusive interview. 

Episode 3: Bahrain Islamic Bank
Maisa J. Shunnar, Group Chief Digital Transformation Officer at Bahrain Islamic Bank, discusses how thinking like a fintech is taking the bank to new heights. 

Episode 2: Société Générale
Yves Blavet, Open Banking Director at the Societe Generale Group Innovation Department, discusses how the French leader emphasizes innovation to open itself up to new ideas and partners in our digitally-driven world.

Episode 1: Vakifbank
Sait Şener is Innovation and R&D manager at VakıfBank. He discusses how innovation is a common good at his institution. 

Watch the replay of the webinar "Innovation in the future: Getting the mix right" with Marcin Kurczab (PZU), Yves Blavet (Société Générale) and Paolo Saccardi (Fabrick)

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