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La Fabrique by CA invests in the Canadian startup Yapla

Publish date: 11 October 2019
Author: La Fabrique by CA

The Montreal-based startup, Yapla provides non-profits of all types with an all-in-one payment and management platform to facilitate day-to-day operations related to items such as; organizing events, selling tickets online, managing members and receiving donations online.

La Fabrique by CA, the French bank Credit Agricole's startup studio, has announced its investment in Yapla in addition to the signing of a business partnership.

Boosting the support available to the nonprofit sector

The partnership will allow Credit Agricole's 450,000 client nonprofits to use Yapla for free.[1] Non-profits will be able to receive payments online and manage all of their activities, including organizing events, managing members, organizing fundraisers, creating a website and managing newsletter campaigns.

Laurent Darmon, founder and CEO of the La Fabrique by CA startup studio explains: "On a daily basis, managing an association takes time and a wide range of skills. Yapla brings together all of the apps that non-profits need into a single platform to boost their development. The all-in-one tool allows them to focus their energy on fulfilling their organization's mission. With this free service, Credit Agricole is positioning itself as a major partner to the non-profit sector, a market representing an annual budget of 113 billion euros and employing more than 1.7 million people in France."

Yapla stems from Credit Agricole's innovative strategy for the creation of service platforms in the banking sector, announced in its 2022 Medium-Term Plan. By supporting non-profit organizations, Credit Agricole aims to pursue its charitable commitment to maintaining France's social fabric.

Accelerating nonprofits' adoption of digital tools

For Yapla, the investment and partnership with La Fabrique by CA will accelerate development in France, in addition to making digital technologies accessible to nonprofits across the world. Pascal Jarry, Yapla's founder and CEO explains: "Nonprofits everywhere in the world are facing the same challenges that come along with digitalization. The democratization of information and access to nonprofit management technologies like Yapla are essential to ensuring the sustainability of their mission."

Yapla aims to accelerate the digital shift in the non-profit sector with its affordable and user-friendly platform, which includes all of the essential features required to manage and promote a non-profit organization. Yapla saves nonprofits time on their day-to-day management so that they can focus on their mission.