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Making critical connections in a time of crisis

Publish date: 23 April 2020
Author: 24sessions

24sessions CEO Rutger Teunissen spoke with Efma about how his Fintech is remotely connecting businesses and their clients to ensure continuity of services.

Could you present 24sessions?

Face-to-face does not have to equal in-person - that’s our motto at 24sessions. We create world-class video calling experiences for customer contact. Our technology is made to meet with clients, not colleagues. We empower banks, insurers, governments and other service providers to offer video calls as a new channel for interacting with clients.

24sessions is designed to meet with your customer. It takes just one click to start a video call and requires no downloads. Customers can join a video call with their service provider securely from any mobile or desktop device.

24sessions is a secure, WebRTC-based technology. And our video calling platform is highly configurable. This way, it meets enterprise-grade standards for every type of workflow and customer journey - offering features from booking and scheduling, calendar integrations, custom branding, and screen sharing to review forms, conversational analytics and call recordings.

Here is the latest update on how our customers are using CX video calls during the pandemic:

How is 24sessions helping companies and customers during the Covid19 crisis?

As soon as the pandemic hit Europe, we decided to offer our solution for free until June 1st to Healthcare professionals such as general practitioners (GPs) and psychologists.

We’re also publishing a lot of educational content. We’ve been helping organizations for four years already to successfully implement video calling as a customer contact channel. Due to COVID-19, many organizations are now forced to make that transition very rapidly. 

That’s why we’re teaching organizations how to start video calling with customers as quickly and professionally as possible - with blog articles, video tutorials, online guides and webinars. Rolling out video calls and getting your whole team on board is not an easy operation. It requires a whole process of careful planning, implementation, change management, etc. So we are using our experience to help companies get started with CX video calls successfully.

Last but not least, for those companies that decide to try 24sessions, we now have a fast lane, fully remote customer onboarding program in place. This means that we can get you up and running within a week, including deploying our solution, training your employees, and configuring customer journeys and workflows. 

In a time where the world needs to make a rapid shift from in-person to remote, we feel it’s our responsibility, as an expert, to help wherever we can.

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