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N26 launches shared spaces, a new way to share money 

Publish date: 23 August 2019
Author: N26

Mobile bank N26 today announced the launch of Shared Spaces, a new feature that will empower users to share money easily and safely with friends, family and loved ones, with just a few taps. The new feature is currently being tested with select customers, and is expected to be made available to N26 You and N26 Metal customers across Europe in the coming months.

In a world where people are sharing more and more, Shared Spaces will allow customers to save, spend and track money together without the hassle of a joint account. Whether it’s splitting bills for a flatshare, planning for the next group holiday, or sharing the cost of a birthday present, Shared Spaces will be a new way and easy way to share money with up to 10 people at once.

“When we launched Spaces in 2018, this pioneering feature was one of the first in the market to introduce personalized sub-accounts, so users could set aside money based on their personal preferences and needs. Shared Spaces is a natural extension of this, and builds further on our efforts to deliver the most flexible banking experience in the world,” said Valentin Stalf, founder and CEO of N26.

N26 You and N26 Metal customers will be able to be part of up to 10 different Shared Spaces, and will also have the ability to create, own and invite others to join their Space. Users with free accounts will also be able to use the feature, and can be invited to join up to two Shared Spaces by friends, family or loved ones.

The launch of Shared Spaces is planned to be the first in a series of new features developed specially to create a more flexible, seamless and connected mobile experience that gives people the power to live and bank their way.

Shared Spaces will roll out progressively to our 23 active European markets and will be available on the N26 app on IOS, Android and Web.

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