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NewTech Friday: Quantfolio – sophisticated robo-advisory for B2B clients in the Nordics

Publish date: 18 June 2021
Jan Skaathun, Chief Commercial Director and Co-Founder of Quantfolio, explains his company’s commitment to democratizing access to high quality financial advisory services. 
What led to the creation of Quantfolio?

Actually, Quantfolio was created to solve the founders’ own needs. As myself and my Co-Founder, Helge Hannisdal, had exited our previous tech startup after 13 years, we were approached by a range of wealth managers wanting to assist us in our wealth management. To make a long story short, we were left unimpressed as we thought there was a lot of focus on product sales and business models that did not always focus on us as clients, but rather products that yielded the highest return commissions. As tech founders we also found that the sector was seriously lagging behind in adopting technology to improve all aspects of their value proposals.

This led to us creating Quantfolio, and Quantfolios “Quant Engine” that allowed us to develop Alpha strategies for a range of asset classes. This was six years ago, and after a short while we were approached by Norway’s leading digital bank who wanted to provide algorithm-powerered robo-advisory that provided actual individual portfolios based on data and analytics. They invested, became a client and we tuned our technology into creating the most sophisticated robo-advisory service for B2B clients in the Nordics. 

Could you present Quantfolio's offer?

We provide financial institutions with cutting edge advisory technology for both self-service/digital journeys and our intuitive and powerful advisory platform to empower the advisors; all powered by the same “Robo backend” or “Quant Engine” to unify the advice given regardless of channel. We are in other words connecting the self service offering with the advisor-driven offering with omnichannel technology. We can provide APIs for the clients to build their own user experience or we can provide a full white label solution out-of-the box. Both self-service and advisor support solutions can be supported by a range of our calculators and portfolio analytics. 

Less fragmentation, lower costs, lower compliance risk as well as higher conversion rates and engagement. 

What's coming next for Quantfolio?

International expansion and growth. We are raising capital to grow the company beyond the Nordics with our value proposition. By the end of 2021 our advisory services will be available to more than 2.5M clients and we have been chosen by major brands, and will be announcing some major new partnerships the next few months. We are committed to democratizing access to quality financial advisory services for retail clients, but also to further assist wealth managers in providing the most robust and unbiased advice for their affluent customers.