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SberInsurance insures partner’s Citymobil cars against poor quality fuel

Publish date: 03 September 2021
SberInsurance, a Sber subsidiary, has insured the cars of Citymobil, the insurer’s city mobility partner, against the potential effects of poor quality fuel. The insurer is committed to compensating the damage that bad fuel might cause to vehicles or third parties. 
The contract covers the risks associated with the use of fuel that drivers buy at gas stations using their Citymobil app account for drivers. The policy covers not only gasoline and diesel fuel, but also methane, liquefied natural gas and hydrocarbon gas. Compensations for each insured event will be capped at RUB 200,000.

The option will be available in all the cities where the Citymobil operates.

"A car is a tool that helps taxi drivers and couriers make money. Poor quality fuel can damage the car’s units and cause an emergency, or make it completely unserviceable when bad fuel is being used for a long time. We have been working with Citymobil for a while now. For instance, we insure passengers and drivers. It is important for us to improve the quality of our service and offer products that can be of direct assistance to our customers’ businesses. This insurance is a good example of that. For the convenience of drivers, the policy becomes valid automatically, right after buying fuel via the Citymobil account," said  Anton Sobe-Panek, Ecosystem Leader of the Wealth Management Unit at Sberbank.

"The quality of fuel can really differ across gas stations. We know that drivers happen to buy low-quality fuel from time to time, which is why we have decided to join hands with SberInsurance to protect drivers from such incidents. We have engaged various gas station partners in the project: if the driver refills the car with fuel of dubious quality and this causes negative consequences, they will be able to contact the insurance company SberInsurance," said  Oleg Danilov, Director of the Fuel and Service Business Unit at Citymobil.

To make the settlement of claims simple and convenient for drivers, they need to report the insured events to Citymobil. The company will look into details and see that the insurance company contacts drivers for further interaction.

The city mobility service Citymobil launched a fuel program for taxi drivers in early 2020, streamlining partners’ fuel costs and the payment routine. Taxi and courier service drivers can now pay for the fuel they need at a gas station using a Citymobil app account and enjoy special prices.