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Seamlessly connecting customers to their banks

Publish date: 04 June 2020
Author: Surfly

Brendan Jackson, Vice President of Marketing at Surfly, describes how Surfly’s video chat technology is assisting financial services providers and insurers during the pandemic.

Could you present Surfly?

Surfly provides co-browsing and video chat technology that lets you upgrade any conversation, from any channel, seamlessly, and support customers as if you are sitting side-by-side. A customer simply clicks a link, or button, and their co-browsing session instantly begins in their browser window, and you see what they see. Surfly’s technology provides a smooth and fast experience, with almost no loss of quality, even when co-browsing websites with audio and video. Customers feel more connected to the representative they are working with and the representative is able to assist their customer in a more collaborative way.

There is nothing better than being side-by-side with your customer, and Surfly helps to recreate that experience, allowing you to truly guide and assist your customer. Security and privacy are also a key trust factor, which is why Surfly never requires customers to login or download any software. Lastly, Surfly works out of the box without having to add any code to your website. However, for companies that wish to integrate Surfly into their platform, our fully documented API allows for quick integrations. 

Surfly helps leading financial services brands around the world to improve customer experience, build loyalty and NPS, drive sales, and enhance operational efficiency. We work with AXA, Generali, Sparkasse, Migros Bank, Getin Noble Bank, Kantonalbank, UBA, ABN AMRO, AAA, NN Group, Achmea, New York Life, Empire Life, Swiss Life, Sumitomo, Die Mobiliar, Icatu Seguros, Harel Group, DKV, Southern Cross, Accenture, DXC, Infosys and many more. 

How is Surfly helping companies and customers during the COVID-19 crisis?

Surfly is helping companies during the COVID-19 crisis by providing them a technology that easily connects their employees with their customers, and recreates the face-to-face meeting experience. When everyone began to go "remote" in March, there was a mad rush to find solutions that could help solve this issue, and technology like Surfly's, which requires no code changes to a company’s website to use, or that could be quickly integrated into an existing platform, really stood out.

But more than the ease of implementation was the immediate effect it had on the conversations that were taking place between a company's representative or agent, and their customer. Companies were able to quickly upgrade any conversation they were having into a collaborative co-browsing experience. While in the past the customer experience could have had many touchpoints, of which the digital portion was one was part, now digital is THE customer experience. The way we see it is that it isn't a matter of if a company will begin using collaborative co-browsing software, but when. 

This is why AXA chose to roll out Surfly to over 1,000 agents in under two weeks, so that the entire process of signing-up for an insurance policy could be done using Surfly's co-browsing technology. It is why a large financial services customer of ours (part of Sumitomo in Japan) proudly shared with us that their end of Surfly session NPS survey results, after one month of running Surfly, were 9/10 out of hundreds of sessions. It is also why Surfly launched a remote hackathon in March, giving anyone who signs up a free Enterprise account until June 19, so they can see how co-browsing and video chat can help them connect better with their customers.

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