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Summer of startups: Covr

Publish date: 14 August 2018

Covr provides a user-centric mobile security management platform developed with online, mobile banking and digital payments in mind. Peter Alexanderson and Anette Nordvall told Boris Plantier about the company.

Covr founder Peter Alexanderson developed Covr’s predecessor specifically for the Swedish banking system, where it is now the national standard for digital authentication. Peter soon realized that it was time to develop the system further so that the rest of the world could benefit from the same security.

“Ever since I started working in cyber security, my goal was to get rid of passwords, while simultaneously increasing security by putting the individual in control,” says Covr founder Peter Alexanderson. “That’s how Covr works - by giving the user final say over all transactions that affect their accounts that are connected with Covr.”

The Covr solution allow organizations to offer their users a highly secure and password-free authentication and verification solution. “The technology is globally scalable, enabling you to offer your customers or employees a truly user-friendly security solution, for both the digital and physical world,” says Anette Nordvall, partner and chairwoman of Covr. “Covr aims to be a trusted partner that enables self-directed security for each individual globally.”

To make the solution even more bulletproof, Alexanderson added an extra factor to his original solution. Then he designed an app that can be adapted to any web configuration. “Not only can Covr now be used outside Sweden, it is not restricted to bank use,” says Nordvall. “Gaming sites, cloud storage, e-commerce and other sectors can use Covr. The applications are endless and highly scalable. We intend to build an international world class company.”

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