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Take a deep dive into Alior Bank’s product design strategy

Publish date: 11 July 2019
Author: Alior Bank

Alior Bank takes center stage in the first edition of Efma’s new member-exclusive ‘Champions Series’, titled ‘How Alior Bank excels in product design’. As the first startup bank in Poland, founded in 2008, Alior has swiftly earned a reputation as a true innovator and disruptor.

Alior Bank, an Efma member with an impressive ability to innovate and design new products in line with customers’ needs, is currently leveraging blockchain, robo-advisory, open banking, artificial intelligence, and biometrics in order to bring customer centricity to new heights.

Despite being a relative newcomer on the scene, the bank holds the seventh spot in Poland’s banking sector as of September 2018 and holds assets estimated to be worth 71.4 billion PLN.

Five winning innovations

In this Champion Series, we look at five innovative products from Alior that have wowed us over the past decade including: Alior Sync, its virtual mobile bank; Dronn Agent, its virtual customer advisor; Zafirmowani, its online business and accounting portal; Bancovo, an online consumer loans aggregator; and finally its showpiece, the Alior ‘Highly Personal Account’ (Konto Jakże Osobiste).

This last product is a leading example of product customization, and won a Gold Award in the ‘Offering Innovation’ category at the Efma-Accenture DMI (Distribution & Marketing Innovation) Awards in 2018. The bank has also been nominated at the Efma-Accenture DMI Awards almost every year since inception for various innovations.

Six exclusive interviews

So, what lies behind Alior’s successful innovation strategy?

In the pages of this report, we take a deep dive into Alior’s RBL innovation lab and acceleration program, as well as the bank’s innovation process, organization and culture. We get the answers to your burning questions on its partnership strategy and how it chooses with which startups to collaborate.

Finally, we interview six senior figures from across the bank’s different divisions to find out how they are tackling the multidimensional demands of attracting and retaining its four million-strong customer base, which includes more than 180,000 small businesses. They trace the journey the bank has taken so far, covering aspects such as product management, fintech, retail banking and innovation, and give insights into the bank’s strategy for the future.

Download the full report for a deeper insight into Alior Bank’s winning strategy.