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Unleashing the power of collaboration at Efma’s annual Bank + Fintech conference in Berlin

Publish date: 11 February 2020

Senior level bankers and Fintechs from all over the world will come together from 21 – 23 April in Berlin for Efma’s Bank + Fintech conference. Successful partnerships between financial institutions and Fintechs will be on full display. Banks such as BNP Paribas, ING, Danske Bank, Société Générale, and BBVA will showcase how they have collaborated with Fintechs in order to meet the challenges of the new world of banking. Among the many Fintechs present will be Endor, Max, Mitto, Offr, and Personetics.

But it won’t be just banks and Fintechs in the heart of Berlin’s vibrant Fintech ecosystem. Attendees will also be treated to a diverse array of speakers from outside the industry including the EU Parliament, Netflix, and Spotify. Speakers and panelists will discuss the ever-changing banking landscape, new financial ecosystems, the impact of AI, digital wallets, and much more. An all-female panel featuring leaders at Netflix, Spotify, Société Générale, and Efma will discuss whether banks are truly serious about customer experience. Additionally, there will be on-site visits at some of the hottest Fintech locations in the city such as Finleap.

“One doesn’t have to look far to see incredible examples of bank and Fintech collaborations,” said Vincent Bastid, CEO of Efma. “All over the world, banks are realizing the possibilities and competitive advantages that are available to them through partnerships. Our Bank + Fintech conference is unique in how it showcases success stories from throughout the financial services industry. Our excellent lineup this year will provide thought-provoking inspiration and demonstrate how collaboration, not competition, is the best way forward during these uncertain times for banks, financial institutions, and Fintechs.”

Bank + Fintech couples that will be speaking at the event include:
• Israel Discount Bank & LogMeIn
• AIB Bank & Offr
• Erste Bank & Dateio
• Illimity & Fabrick
• P27 & Danske Bank
• BNP Paribas & Lemon Way
• Banco Sabadell & Mitto
• Intesa Sanpaolo & Personetics
• ABN Amro & Trifacta
• MAX (Leumi Card) & Endor
• ING & Ascent & Exate
• BBVA & Multiverse Computing
• Tink & Caixa Geral de Depositos
• Instarea & T-Mobile CZ

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