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YouLand launches retail marketplace for investing in real estate backed bridge loans

Publish date: 04 November 2019

YouLand, a fintech company specializing in real estate backed bridge loans, announced its retail platform is now open to all accredited investors.

Prior to today, investors could only purchase whole loans from YouLand. Since its launch in 2017, YouLand has originated over $100 million of real estate bridge loans across over 50 properties. Now that it has seen sustained growth in the whole loan market, YouLand is venturing into the platform note space with individual investors. These notes are short-term (generally 12 months or less), producing 7%-10% annualized yields to investors. "With the launch of YouLand's retail platform, we are providing a high-yield, short term investment opportunity to allow investors to diversify their holdings in real estate without sacrificing returns or liquidity," said Richard Jia, Founder and CEO of YouLand. "YouLand aims to revolutionize the real estate lending industry through technology, and this is a huge step towards creating an all-inclusive marketplace for investors."

Jia added, "Real estate lending is a multibillion-dollar industry that has been slow to adapt to new technology and is ripe for disruption. We have built a next generation platform driven by data and algorithms to streamline and automate the entire process of loan origination, underwriting, servicing and securitization. With this technology and our understanding of the market, YouLand can ensure that we are providing the highest quality real estate investment opportunities."

YouLand's platform makes it easy to invest in real estate backed loans with individual investments as low as $5,000. Accredited investors can choose from a variety of loans, receiving monthly interest payments automatically transferred to their bank accounts. Investors also have the option to utilize YouLand's Automated Investment feature, which automatically diversifies their investment across different assets, based on the user's investment criteria.

As part of its public launch, YouLand is offering all new users a 1% yield bump on any investment made before November 30, 2019.

Jia has invested more than $3 Billion into many large-scale real estate transactions spanning from multi-family, hotel and office while he worked Fillmore Capital, and has founded several successful startup companies. He received his MBA from Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania.

YouLand is funded by venture capitalists and has originated and sold loans to several multibillion-dollar credit funds and institutional takeout partners.

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