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Who we are

Our financial institution

Bradesco is one of the largest financial groups in Brazil, with solid performance focused on the interests of its clients since 1943. In addition to excellence in services, it stands out for being one of the best resource managers in the market, with results built on sustainable bases.
Our primary objective is to captivate our clients to earn their admiration, trust and relationship. We strive to support our customers with excellence based on their needs and goals in order to help them realize their achievements.

Bradesco's trajectory has always had “innovation and a pioneering attitude” as outstanding characteristics of our professionals. These characteristics have always allowed us to overcome challenges and to release relevant products and services. That's why we always say that innovation is in our DNA. We possess a digital mindset and behavior that allows us to be simple, efficient, agile, connected and innovative.

We also work to be the preferred destination for high-performance professionals, and where they choose to work now and build their future. The foundation of our strategy is rooted in people. We endeavor to improve the essential and transformative skills of our professionals with a view towards making our corporate strategy viable. We maintain an organizational culture based on ethics, transparency and respect for people; and we invest in creating an innovative, challenging and diverse working environment.

Bradesco in figures:

  • 89,575 employees
  • 70.2 million clients
  • 32.3 million account holders
  • 79,870 service points
  • 8,840 branches + Express Service Points (PAEs)/Service Points (PAs)

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How we collaborate with fintechs

Bradesco has a full innovation ecosystem called inovabra, which fosters innovation inside and outside the organization through collaborative work between employees, business areas, customers, companies, startups, technological partners, investors and mentors. The objective of the ecosystem is to meet the needs of customers and to ensure the sustainability of businesses in the long term.

The inovabra ecosystem consists of several complementary action programs. One of them is the inovabra habitat, which is a co-innovation environment with physical and digital operations where startups, investors, tech partners, consultants and mentors, large companies, in addition to Bradesco itself, work collaboratively to bring about innovation and generate new businesses. 

Today, habitat brings together 193 startups and 77 large companies that work collaboratively to co-innovate and generate businesses. The startups share inovabra habitat’s environment with companies from sectors such as Industry, Finance, Investments, Technology, Retail, Utilities, Health, Services, Real State, Insurance and Agribusiness. By March 2021, more than 470 agreements had been executed at inovabra habitat between startups and companies and/or startups and Bradesco, reinforcing the overarching purpose of generating business. 

High-potential startups with solutions in emerging technologies from all parts of Brazil are also welcome through the inovabra hub digital platform. Currently, there are more than 2.6 K registered startups that can be analyzed to participate in specific business challenges. These startups also participate in events to disseminate content and promote new businesses. 

Besides promoting the universe of entrepreneurship in Brazil and the culture of innovation in organizations, inovabra habitat helps Brazil in its pursuit for a position of greater prominence in global innovation.

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