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ScaleUp Qualification


FinTech Co-Innovation with Capgemini’s ScaleUp Qualification


What is Capgemini ScaleUp Qualification?

The Capgemini ScaleUp Qualification is a comprehensive four-step process, evaluating a ScaleUp’s ability and maturity to partner with large corporates.


Capgemini has developed a well-structured and compelling solution to evaluate the maturity of ScaleUps (a “ScaleUp” is a mature StartUp, which has raised at least €1M, has full-time employed management team and has sustainable business traction) towards Effective Collaboration. 
The ScaleUp’s maturity and fit for collaboration is evaluated on four pillars of credibility: People, Finance, Business and Technology.


The Capgemini ScaleUp Qualification program provides an opportunity for ScaleUps to gain credibility and visibility towards large corporates. The ScaleUp can use theis qualification level given by Capgemini to promote their maturity for effective and sustained collaboration.

Why Capgemini ScaleUp Qualification?

With its evolving dynamics, the financial services space is throwing in fresh opportunities and worrisome hiccups to both the traditional institutions and the FinTechs

In this context, nurturing a collaborative mindset between the two and co-creating individually unattainable value is lucrative but hard to achieve. How do you identify the right hand to hold and ensure the right docking mechanism between the two?

Firms looking to partner with ScaleUps can register on the Capgemini ScaleUp Qualification portal to access the database of qualified ScaleUps. The portal supports searched based on keywords to identify the ScaleUps across geographies that fulfill the client’s requirements.


ScaleUp Qualification

At Capgemini we believe in “Applied Innovation” between Large FS firms and ScaleUps rather than only “Open Innovation” that creates buzz but no improvement in the customer experience. 
The “Capgemini ScaleUp qualification” program is our way to enable “effective Collaboration” and fasten the Go To Market

Conditions to meet + process to apply

ScaleUps, in simple words, are matured startups. The basic requirements for a StartUp to qualify as a ScaleUp are: 

Condition money raised
1,000,000 EUR/USD/GBP

It has raised more than 1,000,000

Condition management

It has full-time employed management

Condition revenue
Over €200,000

It has generated revenue over €200,000
and can sustain services to client


A ScaleUp can apply for qualification by registering on the Capgemini ScaleUp Qualification portal.

The 360 degree Qualification Approach

There are 4 steps involved in evaluating a ScaleUp:

Step 1: Web-scraping:

Aims to obtain “market sentiment” about the ScaleUp. Positive customer feedback, great website and solid track record deliver a positive sentiment, while unhappy customers, lack of information, and dearth of solid business traction will yield a negative sentiment. This step does not require any involvement from the ScaleUp.

Step 2: Self-declaration: 

The ScaleUp is invited to answer a detailed questionnaire and review the answers obtained through web-scraping. The ScaleUp may either confirm/modify the data collected or add missing information. The questionnaire could take up to two hours to be completed.

Step 3: Interviews with Subject Matter Experts from Capgemini:

The ScaleUp will have 4 in-depth interviews with Subject Matter Experts from Capgemini: Business, Technology, People and Privacy experts. Their role is to qualify the ScaleUp’s answers in relation to the business opportunity, scalability and cybersecurity of the platform, as well as the team dynamics. Each interview will take one hour.

Step 4: Client Satisfaction Assessment: 

One Capgemini expert will interview at least two clients of the ScaleUp to assess the overall client satisfaction (through a Net Promoter Score approach). The ScaleUp will provide the contact details of the client. This step does not require any involvement from the ScaleUp.

Qualification Levels

There are 4 levels of qualification: Promising, Emerging, Intermediate and Advanced. The overall scores required for each of these levels are as follows:


21 to 50 points


51 to 70 points


71 to 90 points


91 to 100 points


A ScaleUp obtaining a score of up to 20 points will not obtain the Capgemini Qualification.
Each qualified ScaleUp is given a stamp representing the achieved qualification level and a unique qualification number

Capgemini’s ScaleUp Qualification Program (the “Program”) is based on the participating companies’ self-declarations and publicly available information. Capgemini does not guarantee nor audit the information provided by the participating companies and does not endorse nor certify them. Any use of the results of the Program by any third party is at its own risk. Participating in the Program does not entail any kind of partnership or commercial relationship between Capgemini and the participating companies.